to Mar 31

Womens Caribbean Revitalize Retreat

Duende Natural presents the "Women's Caribbean Revitalize Retreat"! This 8 day/7 night Costa Rica Caribbean Experience offers a little something for "the Ladies"! We will relax on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and enjoy delicious and exotic food. This trip allows you to connect with yourself, your body, nature and others. This is just a fraction of what this trip has to offer.

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to Dec 18

Permaculture Teacher Training for Women

In this unique and innovative program taught by Pandora Thomas and Lisa DePiano, we explore diversity and leadership while building our confidence. We practice teaching permaculture for various formats, from introductory workshops, special topics, and short courses, to the core Permaculture Design Certificate course.

Location: Sebastopol, CA

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to Nov 9

Cuba Eco-Dialogue Tour

Rooted In Community Tours presents the "Cuba Eco-Dialogue Tour"! Water is life! Come join conversations between leaders in communities of color and their allies around river health and water security. This tour will strengthen efforts to protect and restore waters that sustain all life. We will explore the Almendares River, a 45km (28 mi.) flowing landmark that originates from the east of Tapaste, moves through Havana and then north-west into the Straits of Florida. Dialogues will reveal similarities between the Anacostia River and the Almendares; and cover efforts to monitor and control water pollution, reduce and rationalize industrial occupation, and the depollution of the Havana Bay.

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