Welcome 2018!

What a year it's been for Black Permaculture Network. Though it may not seem this way to many, partnerships were seeded, projects blossomed, and lessons were learned. 

We've been in somewhat of a cocoon throughout 2017 seeking for ways to improve. Our coordinating body had numerous conference calls and emails going back and forth, trying to really get down to how we've been serving as a resource and the best ways to improve moving forward. Ultimately, we decided that our focus going into 2018 is to grow the online community via our FaceBook group and YouTube page and building our scholarship funds to continue facilitating and strengthening connections and opportunities for afro-indigenous people.

We are so humbled by the amount of support and suggestions we've received from everyone; keep it coming! And in the meantime, we're so excited to continue to connect, heal and thrive with you. Happy New Year and super moon family!

-Rah, BPN Co-Founder