Eco-Ancestor: Helen Dubose

We honor and celebrate Helen Dubose, our dear ancestor, who was the first African American woman to earn a degree in Agriculture from Florida A&M University in 1941.  She also held two master degrees in agriculture and agriculture economics  She was a farmer and a teacher in Georgia where she owned a 32 acre blueberry farm called "Healing Acres". She was awarded the Barbara Petit Pollinator award for outstanding leadership and commitment to sustainability in farming.  In a 2010 interview she shared her motivation:

“I wanted to learn how to have a farm, because that’s where I saw most of my people struggling because they were sharecroppers,” she told the newspaper at the time. “I wanted to do something about that when I grew up. I wanted to work with the black farmers, so they could have a better chance at a better living.”

Black Permaculture Network